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Building trust

International Headhunting is the trusted partner for clients searching for the right person to complement their management and support teams. Once contracted, we treat each recruitment or strategic mapping task as a unique project, bespoke and implemented with the utmost privacy.

“As the founder of IH, I have, throughout my life experiences and my professional career in all the German-speaking countries of Europe, identified the need to bring together the French- and German-speaking world. I created IH with the aim of building robust and enduring bridges between the two cultures.”

Marie-Emmanuelle Joriot

Our Philosophy

Building trust

Like any shop, we put a special emphasis on the quality of our relationships and we know each of our customers individually.

We are open to a wide range of sectors, our curiosity and our capacity to listen form the basis for the quality of our research and selection work.

Each mission is unique, with intuition and creativity, we put our expertise and knowledge at our client’s disposal.

Working exclusively, we maintain a close link with our client for each assignment.

We are well aware of the volatility and complexity of the commercial world, but our mindset and size give us the agility and the ability to react to whatever changes.

As a hunter with passion, we stay in the chase until we identify the prize and then follow through.

Essential and indisputable, privacy is an issue of constant concern for our business.

Your pace is our pace, whether you are in a rush or it’s long-term, IH will keep in step.

As a true ambassador for our clients, our actions are guided by a proven methodology which puts interpersonal relations at the heart of the process.